Blind Veterans UK launch No One Alone campaign

Do you know anyone who served in the Armed Forces -  did National Service perhaps, and are now battling severe sight problems? If so, Blind Veterans UK may well be able to provide them and their family with a lifetime's practical and emotional support for free.  Sound too good to be true?  Well it's not.

We the leading organisation supporting vision impaired ex-Service men and women, regardless of how long or when they served. We get our members back on their feet, recovering their independence and discovering a life beyond sight loss. 

Our top quality services include providing lifelong welfare support, rehabilitation, training, long-term nursing, residential and respite care. Sight loss isn't temporary - we support every veteran and their family for the rest of their lives.

Blind Veterans UK has a very diverse membership including veterans who served in WW2, ex-Service personnel suffering from macular degeneration and young men who have been injured while serving in Afghanistan. Regardless of their age or cause of sight loss, all our members feel like they are part of a strong, positive community of people who understand what sight loss means to a veteran.  The spirit of mutual support is vital, and helps our members to rediscover confidence and hope.

If you think you might qualify for our support or you know of anyone who served in the Armed Forces and has severe sight problems please do not hesitate to contact Blind Veterans UK.