Thank you for choosing to fundraise for us!

We provide vision-impaired veterans with the rehabilitation, training and support they need to discover life beyond sight loss. This ranges from helping them relearn vital skills to providing them with the tools they need to be independent in their own homes. Our veterans are offered training and recreation opportunities and we also provide long-term nursing, residential and respite care.

To help our charity to continue it's vital work, we ask that:

  • 100k walking and running participants to raise £300
  • 100k relay teams to raise £500
In return you will receive:
  • Fundraising pack
  • Regular email updates with the latest information and tips
  • A branded 100k t-shirt
  • A dedicated team to answer any questions you have
  • A finisher's medal 

"Once I got to the start all of my worries disappeared and there was nothing but excitement and joy to be helping such a great charity."
- Paul, Lancashire

Raise money online
The easiest way to raise money is to set up an online JustGiving page.

  • Make sure you add a profile picture to this, include a fundriasing target and personal story of what taking this challenge means to you.
  • Ask friends, family, collegues and businesses and clubs in your community to show their support. Share your JustGiving page over social media or email them your page URL.
  • Update your online page with how training and preparations are going in the build up to your event to encourage and thank people for their support.
  • If you hit your fundraising target, set a new one. Incentivise people to help reach your target.

For other tips to generate funds, please download our fundraising guide.