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Launching our new regional Facebook groups

Stay connected with our new regional Facebook groups

We have dedicated community teams throughout the UK who provide support to our blind veterans through rehabilitation, social events, training and equipment, but we have big plans to grow our community even more. Creating social spaces where you can c…

17 September 2018 16:00
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Rod Matthews with his Golden Tench 'Biggest Catch 2015' Trophy

Maiden voyage for blind veteran

Rod, who has age-related macular degeneration, has limited peripheral vision in both eyes and only 6 per cent central vision remaining in his right eye. His adventurous spirit means that he will not let his sight loss stop him from embarking on a new…

29 June 2018 17:00
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Robert Eddison sat outside reading a notepad

London blind veteran releases best-selling book of 300 one-liners to enrich your day

Robert Eddison has written a book of 300 original one-line aphorisms, covering around 150 subjects, ranging from food to political correctness. Alongside a long career as a highly-respected journalist and playwright, Robert has recorded every origin…

25 October 2017 19:00
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