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Staff, volunteers and blind veterans stand in a group outside the Union Jack Club, London, ready to set off for the Marathon

Blind veterans’ successes at London Marathon 2018

Running the London Marathon is a challenge met by thousands of people each year. But, what if you cannot see where you are going, let alone the distinctive landmarks that spur runners on throughout the 26.2 mile course? This year, 20 people ran in su…

24 April 2018 10:00
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Sports Day at our Brighton centre.  Field athletics have always been popular and here a man is shot putting.

Celebrating National Sporting Heritage Day

Right from our charity’s formation in 1915, Sir Arthur Pearson, our founder, recognised sport as a very important part of the rehabilitation process. That emphasis continues to this day. Below we highlight some of the sporting activities of our veter…

30 September 2017 07:00
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Blind veteran Terry Bullingham awarded the Ted Higgs Trophy at the Founders Day Awards

Talented blind engineer awarded The Ted Higgs Trophy at The Founders Day Awards

The Founders Day Awards are held each year on the 26 March to celebrate Blind Veterans UK's founder Sir Arthur Pearson and his success at rebuilding his life after sight loss. They are given to outstanding veterans and volunteers for their achievemen…

7 May 2014 09:00
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