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Blind veteran Roan Webb sailing

East Anglian blind veterans learn to sail in Levington

Through the use of audio navigation units, tactile charts and Discovery Pens, they were able to fully partake in the exciting day of sailing in Levington, near Ipswich.  The blind veterans, who hail from Ipswich, Colchester, Ely and Southwold, fulfi…

29 May 2018 14:00
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Christmas dinner at the Brighton centre

Turkey & Tinsel Week at our Brighton centre

With a stylish Christmas tree decorated in our charity’s colours, the centre has been enjoying a distinctly magical feel. 

The much anticipated Christmas Variety Sho…

19 December 2017 17:00
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Sam Beeston sat down holding six pieces of his own artwork, mainly landscape drawings

Blind artist from Brighton refusing to let passion for painting draw to a close

Sam Beeston, 89, says that his passion for art began at the earliest of ages. Unfortunately for Sam, after two years his dad called a stop to the art and encouraged him to pursue a more traditional career. He explains: “In those days, boys went out…

11 October 2017 10:00
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