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Rugby blind veterans with the Mayor of Rugby

A visit to the Mayor’s Parlour for our Rugby blind veterans

Cllr Mahoney, who served in the Queen’s Own Hussars cavalry regiment, has made ‘service’ the theme of his Mayoral year and said he was delighted to meet some of our inspirational blind veterans from the local area:  Tina Browne, our Community Team …

9 July 2018 13:00
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Blind veterans on stage at Mammia Mia with performer and London support team leader Matthew

“Friday night and the lights are low”

“Mama Mia, how could they resist you?” Our veterans met the cast on stage, dressed in their finest outfits, who explained the layout, how the scenery was moved and where the doors and windows were, to enable our veterans to visualise it all in their…

27 December 2017 10:00
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Photo of Maria Pikulski and other blind veterans and volunteers at Veteran's Cafe, Leyland 2018

Veteran’s Café in Leyland

One success story is in Leyland, Lancashire where ex-Service men and women can meet at a Veteran’s Café.Initially attended by a few blind veterans, interest has steadily grown over the last few months and now around 20 members, partners and carers c…

18 October 2017 12:00
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