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BRBS Radio Launches 'Kidsmas Carol' Competition

BFBS is inviting young singing stars to take part in a festive online Kidsmas Carol competition. To enter, you'll need to record audio or a video of children, or a single child, singing a Christmassy song - and it doesn't have to be a carol. Whether …

22 November 2013 11:55
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Photo of blind veterans watching a Jeff Koons instalation

From vacuum cleaners to basketballs…Blind veterans explore the work of Jeff Koons

Taking part in art and craft is just one activity that members of Blind Veterans UK regularly enjoy. Some blind veterans have gone onto paint regularly at home or sometimes they simply start a new work each time they visit one of the Blind Veterans U…

8 August 2013 17:10
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Photo of fundraiser for Blind Veterans UK Charlene ‘Rocky’ Guy making final preparations for London Marathon

Charlene ‘Rocky’ Guy makes final preparations for London Marathon

As BFBS Radio Presenter Charlene Guy prepares to run the 2013 London Marathon, she's taken her final training tips from boxing legend Rocky Balboa.

Charlene's coaches and colleagues at BFBS have been filming her efforts before she ta…

19 April 2013 16:00
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