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Reaching the top of Snowdon

Ain’t no mountain high enough

  Karl, who only started receiving our support in May, has done just that. It is just one of many challenges he has set himself since losing his sight due to macular degeneration. Karl, 56 and ex-Army, is due to have his induction week in September.…

29 August 2018 17:00
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Garry Morrison indoor rock climbing, low on wall, looking back over his sholder

Blind veteran Garry is intent on climbing to incredible heights

In 2015 Garry lost his sight following a bout of chicken pox.  He explains, “After leaving the RAF I was working on offshore oil rigs, doing crazy shifts, and was absolutely exhausted and run down.  I was unwell but as I thought I had chicken pox as…

3 November 2017 13:00
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Photo of local people in the community exploring our Llandudno centre

Learn more about Blind Veterans UK with our Llandudno centre open day

  Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the challenges of living with sight loss by trying out several activities using blindfolds and glasses called simi-specs that simulate different forms of sight loss.  Admission is free but donations…

14 March 2017 15:00
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