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Garry sitting down looking at the climbing wall

Blind veteran Garry reaches new heights

Garry, 37, served in the Royal Air Force (RAF). In 2003 he broke his spine in two places following a parachute accident. Miraculously, he made a long journey to recovery, but in 2015 he lost his sight after a bout of chicken pox. Garry went to his G…

21 September 2018 12:00
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Reaching the top of Snowdon

Ain’t no mountain high enough

  Karl, who only started receiving our support in May, has done just that. It is just one of many challenges he has set himself since losing his sight due to macular degeneration. Karl, 56 and ex-Army, is due to have his induction week in September.…

29 August 2018 17:00
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Rod Matthews with his Golden Tench 'Biggest Catch 2015' Trophy

Maiden voyage for blind veteran

Rod, who has age-related macular degeneration, has limited peripheral vision in both eyes and only 6 per cent central vision remaining in his right eye. His adventurous spirit means that he will not let his sight loss stop him from embarking on a new…

29 June 2018 17:00
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