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Will Phillips stands to the right, in front of his photographs as part of the VI Photography exhibition in Portsmouth

Will exhibits his picture perfect photographs in Portsmouth

Will is one of six photographers who have been working with a new Portsmouth-based charitable organisation Losing My Sight, and are participants in its photography club. Photo subjects in the exhibition ranged from wildlife to landscapes, but Will ha…

20 June 2018 11:00
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Blind veteran Richard gets hooked on fishing again

Organised for our Working Age blind veterans, fishing week was an opportunity for our veterans to try something new, and for some a chance to reignite a hobby that they thought wasn’t possible due to their sight loss. For one of our blind veterans, …

18 May 2018 11:00
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Staff, volunteers and blind veterans stand in a group outside the Union Jack Club, London, ready to set off for the Marathon

Blind veterans’ successes at London Marathon 2018

Running the London Marathon is a challenge met by thousands of people each year. But, what if you cannot see where you are going, let alone the distinctive landmarks that spur runners on throughout the 26.2 mile course? This year, 20 people ran in su…

24 April 2018 10:00
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