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Photo around a tea table of blind veteran Eric Waters and Margaret neale widown of a former blind veteran enjoying cake with London Community Teal Leader Matthew Athey

Bake Off star gives our blind veterans a reason to be cheerful on ‘Blue Monday’

We organised the tea party at our London office to give our beneficiaries a smile on a day hailed as ‘the most depressing of the year’. Sophie, a former Officer in the Royal Artillery and now a Reservist, baked a fondant cake for the event and recor…

17 January 2018 13:00
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Photo of blind veteran Peter Knight with grandson Adam Knight standing in a garden

Grandson of Nottingham RAF veteran urges others to refer their loved ones to us this Grandparents’ Day

  Adam, 27, from the Hockley area of Nottingham, said: “We’re really close as a family and it was difficult seeing my grandad battle sight loss, particularly as he’s a man who values his independence. But since joining Blind Veterans UK, he’s learne…

29 September 2017 10:00
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Photo of blind veteran Mark Heaume with white can standing alongside his mother Elizabeth Heaume on Mother's Day

A Mother’s love: mum to blind veteran thanks our charity for vital support

When Elizabeth Heaume’s son, 34-year-old Army veteran Mark, discovered he had a brain tumour in 2006, their lives were turned upside down.

Mark signed up to the…

24 March 2017 17:00
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