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Wedding of blind veteran 'Jerry' Jerome

A Valentine’s Day wedding at St Dunstan’s: a blind veteran ties the knot

This was the case with Samuel Keith ‘Jerry’ Jerome. He served in the First Australian Imperial Force and was wounded at Gallipoli in August 1915, losing his left eye. He came to the 3rd London General Hospital in Wandsworth and met Marjory Collins, …

14 February 2018 08:00
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Gwen Obern

Gwen turns 100!

Gwen is a remarkable lady who has been receiving our help for over 74 years since joining the charity in 1943. Gwen’s life story is a special one.  She starts it by talking about Ernie. Gwen married Ernie in December 1939, a day she remembers as bei…

28 November 2017 10:00
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Blind Veteran Corporal Albert James Mason

Blinded, contracted typhoid, torpedoed

That is what happened to a young South African soldier who became one of our blind veterans in the First World War.

24 August 2017 09:00
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