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Blind veteran Marjorie Hanson sat on computer chair

Blind veteran Marjorie Hanson learns to keep in touch online

Marjorie Hanson, 94, now regularly Skypes her grandson in America and her nephew in Canada, a skill she developed during a week’s stay at our Brighton centre. Marjorie first took IT training with us last year, and has since benefited from regular IT…

10 August 2017 10:00
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Two blind veterans kneeling on their paddle boards

Smudge Smith does Adventure Week at Llandudno

It’s an opportunity for our veterans to meet one another and gain new skills and confidence. It also provides an environment for them to increase their fitness.

Adventure Week this year was a five day extravaganza, taking in challenging activi…

28 July 2017 10:00
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Black and white photo of 2 sprinters, one blind folded the other blind, taking part in sprint race using guide lines at inaugural World Paralympic Games in Regents Park

Fun and games: the long history of sport at Blind Veterans UK

Sport and recreation played a great part in the rehabilitation of our blind veterans during and after World War I and have continued to do so to this day. We began to hold our own annual sports days in 1917 and the winner of the 100 yards ran it in a…

20 July 2017 09:00
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