Our Community focus

Our 19 multidisciplinary community teams are now firmly established across the country. Last year they delivered 932 rehabilitation programmes in our beneficiaries’ homes.

Our membership is ageing so being able to offer this home-based service means less travel for them and service delivery tailored to their needs. A programme of local events is also really important and helps create a strong network while building peer support among our members.

Blind veteran Ron Cross

Blind veteran Ron Cross MBE joined the Royal Engineers in August 1940 and, as part of the 79th Armoured Division, landed on Juno Beach at H-Hour on D-Day making him one of the very first soldiers to storm the beaches.

He was in an Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers Churchill tank and their job was to make sure that gaps could be made for tanks to come ashore and support the infantry. But, over 70 years later, his sight failed and he turned to us to support him.

Technology support

Since becoming part of our family, we’ve helped Ron stay part of his community, where he founded the Gosport Stroke Club. Through our Member Support Hub, Ron has received a four-button mobile phone, hand-held magnifiers and, most importantly, a new computer – complete with special Guide software.

Growing Ron's community

Ron’s also a keen visitor to our Reunion lunches as well as other social events organised by his local Community Team. It’s a privilege to know that we’re helping Ron live the life he both chooses and deserves.

Our community teams have delivered over 580 local events to support our veterans