Delivering to our Members

Last year we recruited 857 new veterans.

Alongside our community teams, the centres at Brighton and Llandudno have remained at the foundation of our delivery, operating at capacity, including providing introductory weeks for new Members. Within this period, the centres collectively welcomed 594 new beneficiaries through their doors and 1213 existing veterans attended to receive training, respite and holidays.

The Working Age Member (WAM) team have also delivered a variety of opportunities throughout the year, including events, training, bespoke rehabilitation and peer activities culminating in a conference for 130 guests.

Becoming one of our veterans

Since Alan Ayres joined us in December 2018, we’ve supported him, and helped prevent his sight loss from keeping him down.

Alan, from Kent, came to us through a close friend whose father in law receives support from the charity.

Member Support Hub

Through our Member Support Hub, Alan has received equipment that has changed the quality of his life.

“They’ve given me some fantastic equipment. My computer now reads to me, I’ve got a machine that I put letters underneath and that reads it to me and it’s marvellous because I haven’t been able to do that in years. It’s turned my life around it really has.”

A true community

He’s already attended one of our Reunion events, and has also been to our iconic Brighton centre to receive IT training, when he learned to touch type.


"My local support worker Henry visited me and got me all sorted out, booked me into an intro week and it’s gone on from there. The staff are all so lovely. It’s such a positive experience coming down there. The rooms are welcoming, and I just have fun enjoying myself. You meet such inspirational people. I say to my friends, I now don’t have time to feel self-pity.”
Alan Ayres