This was the year that our support in the community really took off, bringing a whole range of activities and support to our veterans’ doors

We held 862 local events for our beneficiaries, including lunch clubs, activity days and workshops and days out.

We delivered specialist rehabilitation to 667 of our veterans in their communities including helping them with new technology.


members supported in first year of Member Support Hub.

Our veterans attended 37 reunions throughout their communities, connecting once again with their friends and comrades.

We launched our Member Support Hub, which supplies equipment and advice to our beneficiaries - including training them on new technology. In its first year, it helped over 9,500 of our beneficiaries – that’s a weekly average of 180.

Our Vision In Song choir went from strength to strength, first releasing a single of wartime standards, and then switching on the Christmas Lights in Colchester.


Blinded in Afghanistan

One veteran we helped was Rob, who was blinded in 2010 during the Afghanistan conflict following the triggering of an explosive device by a comrade, who was killed as a result.

After a period of recovery, Rob came to us and attended our Brighton Centre for rehabilitation and training, which included being taught independent living skills – an important step in his journey.

"It’s basically a small flat with a kitchen, a living room, and bathroom facilities and it’s set up so you can do everything independently. They teach you how to use all the equipment correctly and it just puts you in a situation where you don’t have to rely on anyone, and you can learn to live for yourself again."

We also taught Rob how to use technology, allowing him to feel less isolated and keep in close contact with those around him.

Rob now lives a fulfilling life with his young family, something he thought would be impossible after his sight loss.


“It just puts you in a situation where you don’t have to rely on anyone...”
Rob, blind veteran
Photo of blind veteran Rob with his family
Rob and his family
"Blind Veterans UK brought me back to the world!"
Rob, blind veteran