It's all about our veterans...

Our veterans are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re taking better care of them than ever as these figures show

  • We had a 93% Net Promoter Score – that’s the percentage of people rating what we do for others to consider using us and is counted as ‘world class
  • This year we had 917 new veterans join our family
  • 85% of our beneficiaries saw an improvement in their ability to realise life beyond their sight loss
  • 93% of our veterans saw an increase in their ability to participate in activities
  • 91% said they felt more secure in their home or community thanks to us
Net promoter score

Joining our family

After Trevor lost both his wife and his sight, he found that he’d also lost his confidence as well. When he joined us in 2019, he didn’t know what we could offer him – that is until he came to one of our Intro Weeks at our Llandudno Centre, and since then Trevor has been a changed man.

“The friendships I’ve made here will last me forever. It’s just amazing. I didn’t want to come, but my welfare lady kept on coming out to see me and saying ‘have a go’”, he told his new friends.

659 veterans visited our centres for specialist rehabilitation last year

Our Introduction Weeks that Trevor attended are proving very popular. It gives those we support a chance to make new friends, meet old acquaintances and enjoy being looked after by our caring staff.

“I live in a little village of 1,500 people, and I don’t like mixing with a lot of folk – because of my eyesight I’ve lost my confidence. But since I’ve been here – five days – I’m a new man. I wouldn’t have got up and spoken to you before. It’s changed my life.”
Trevor, blind veteran
New member Trevor blows a bugle
Blind veteran Trevor sounds the advance
"Because of my eyesight I lost my confidence. But since I’ve been here … I’m a new man. It’s changed my life."
Trevor, blind veteran

More about our veterans

It's been a very special year for some of our other veterans too...

  • Two of our Brighton centre’s residents, Peter and Nancy, had their relationship blessed in a moving ceremony there
  • Veteran Ron was awarded Best Archer by the Worshipful Company of Fletchers
  • We teamed up with and hosted a team of American veterans for our Project Gemini twinning programme
  • Stalwart broadcaster David Dimbleby opened the newly refurbished library at our Brighton Centre