Blind Veterans UK Research

Since our foundation, Blind Veterans UK has been at the forefront of research, often pioneering cutting-edge technology for the wellbeing of our veterans.

We are active in 16 programmes...

A joint study with the University of Oxford looking at circadian rhythm disruption.

Being part of a joint US/UK task force examining ocular trauma.

Working with the NHS in a remote rehabilitation programme.

Examining the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on our veterans, and seeking to lessen its impact.

Sleep patterns and sight loss

We've teamed up with the University of Oxford to look at how sight loss affects sleep patterns (circadian rhythms).

Together, we are running a study in which veterans take part to find out more about this complex subject.

Working with COVID

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, we looked at how it would affect the lives of the veterans we support.

This included seeing how they were affected by increased social isolation during the lockdown period, together with their levels of anxiety and depression.

The research is ongoing, but will greatly benefit the lives of our current and future beneficiaries in years to come.