Here at Blind Veterans UK we’ve embraced new technology since our foundation 105 years ago.

This year has seen us adopt new and innovative ways to improve the wellbeing of the veterans we support.

We’re now using Amazon Alexas to reach our veterans in their homes. As well as answering questions, and helping with day to day issues, Alexa is also capable of making calls, allowing our Members to easily stay in touch with the outside world and combat the isolation that many of them feel.

Alexa echo on table
Using an Alexa Echo
“I think technology is such a marvelous thing. Alexa’s very good. She’ll tell me the time. I ask what the weather is going to be like, whether I should take a raincoat or not, and that’s very useful.”
Win, blind veteran

We supplied Brighton-based Member Chris with the 2000th Synapptic-enabled device to be issued. Synapptic is a platform that enables those with sight loss to use technology such as phones and tablets.

We continue to support our Members with community-based IT training programmes around the country. These are run by dedicated staff and allow our veterans to understand and use technology to not only connect with others, but also pursue their hobbies, such as creative writing.