Volunteers are our lifeblood, and without their kindness we wouldn’t be able to support our veterans as well as we do

This year saw our volunteering base across the country rise to an incredible 1,217 from 997

Our volunteers gave up a total of 51,342 hours, which is a big increase from last year’s 40,183. That’s the equivalent of 2,139 days or nearly six years

Volunteering supported 763 of our beneficiaries, both at home and in their communities

volunteering hours in 2019/20

Changing lives

When Lynette joined Blind Veterans UK as a volunteer in our London headquarters, she didn't realise what a life-changing experience it would become.

"I work two days a week," she says, "and my main role is interviewing our veterans and hearing their stories... and they all have stories to tell...

Favourite days

"Once a month, London-based members are invited to come and see us for activity days, and I have been lucky enough to be involved with these too," she smiles.

"Each month there is a different focus to the activity day such as card making, baking, decorating jewellery boxes, planting hanging baskets and herb gardens or music.

"One of my favourite days was 'Bring and Tell' when our veterans were asked to bring in a special item to share with the group and talk about its meaning to them."

Growing friendships

"What's important is giving our Members the chance to meet and socialise over morning coffee, lunch, then afternoon tea.

"It's so lovely to see friendships growing and new members being welcomed into the group, and my volunteering means that I can be a key part of that." 

Planting up window boxes
"I feel very privileged to be a part of this charity which I know makes an enormous difference to the lives of our veterans."
Lynette, volunteer