Our research is organised in to three main areas: Biomedical research, Social & welfare and Innovations.

Biomedical research

We research and develop interventions or technology designed to improve the physiological conditions that are the basic building blocks of positive health and independence after sight-loss.


Social and Welfare research

When considered together, social and welfare research will help us to identify and understand the drivers of quality of life and social inclusion.


We believe that through the use of innovative technology we can not only improve the lives of our beneficiaries but also help to inform improvements to the lives of people throughout the sight loss community.

We are an agile, pioneering organisation that works with external partners to innovate and develop technology which has a wider application.

Our focus areas include development of artificial intelligence for preventive medicine and predictive medicine; use of driverless cars for blind veterans; use of integrated voice systems for smart homes and daily living, and development of integrated devices and disabled assistance on demand.