COVID-19 research

Being aware of the requirement to move quickly in order to capture relevant and real time understanding during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Blind Veterans Research with the University Oxford has produced a global survey, launched on the 1 of April 2020.

The purpose of the survey is to explore the experiences of individuals during the current pandemic situation in order to provide informed feedback to the scientific community.

This work captures current status, physical and emotional health, and perspective on isolation and loneliness; it is also designed to be followed up (longitudinally) in order to provide insight on changes to respondents’ situation over time. The captured data will add to knowledge on the status of individuals and communities, and will be used to inform appropriate responses in support of those communities.

We are making this survey available to a large number of communities in the UK and internationally. Having launched the survey on 1 April we have received responses from a variety of organisations, veterans, health workers and the general population from the UK, US, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany and Israel, as well as endorsement from the US Congressionally Chartered Veteran Service Organisations and the Office for Veterans Affairs in the UK. 

More information coming soon...