Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Norman Smith skydiving at the age of 94

At 94, the sky’s the limit

Norman took on the challenge as a tribute to his late wife, Audrey, who sadly passed away last year. Norman’s family have supported our charity for decades and Norman said it was only natural to take the plunge for a charity they both loved. Norman,…

14 September 2018 10:00
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Blind veterans on stage at Mammia Mia with performer and London support team leader Matthew

“Friday night and the lights are low”

“Mama Mia, how could they resist you?” Our veterans met the cast on stage, dressed in their finest outfits, who explained the layout, how the scenery was moved and where the doors and windows were, to enable our veterans to visualise it all in their…

27 December 2017 10:00
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Photo of blind veteran David Barten with his granddaughter Hana Barten arm in arm

Hana to run Royal Parks Half Marathon for her grandfather

Hana Barten, 23 and originally from Colchester, decided she wanted to give something back to the charity in memory of her grandfather.She says: Hana, whose late grandfather, David Barten, known among friends and family as Tiger, served as a Desert …

31 May 2017 11:00
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