Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Paul Breen training on an indoor bicycle wearing a Blind Veteran UK t-shirt

Veteran from Dursley to take on mammoth 100k challenge

Paul Breen, 33, is himself a veteran, having served in the King’s Royal Hussars for ten years. During his Service, he completed tours of Iraq, Northern Ireland and Kuwait, and it is largely due to his Service, as well as those he served alongside, th…

22 March 2017 12:00
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Jack Christian

University lecturer from Chapel St Leonards to take on mammoth 100k challenge for military charity

  Jack, an avid walker, already maintains a healthy lifestyle and has a particular penchant for setting himself challenges. He says: “The training is going really well, I’ve just competed in a 50k race so I’m confident that come June I’ll be in peak…

04 March 2017 10:30
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Martin Wilson

Soldier from Kent to take on Southampton Marathon in a 33kg bomb suit for military charity

This year, Martin, who’s currently based in Paderborn, Germany, has his sights set not just on just finishing the gruelling course in under six hours, but on doing so while wearing a 33kg bomb suit. He says: “I’m well aware it’s a bit mental! I know…

16 February 2017 10:00
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