Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Photo of Kate Foster wearing a Blind Veterans UK training vest

Blind veteran’s granddaughter to run London Marathon

Kate Foster, 28 and now living in London, is running on behalf of our charity after her grandfather, Eric, was provided with the means and confidence to lead a prosperous and independent life, despite his complete sight loss. She explains:  She con…

6 April 2017 16:00
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Photo of Tim Powter-Robinson in running gear holding medal

Architect from Norfolk to take on London Marathon for Blind Veterans UK

Tim, a partner at a Cambridge architecture firm, is a lifelong walking enthusiast, though admits that his interest had to take a backseat as domesticity and raising his children caught up with him. He says: “I’ve always enjoyed doing long distance w…

20 March 2017 10:00
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Health and safety adviser from Yorkshire to take on mammoth 100k challenge

Mark, whose gruesome training schedule has so far seen him take on walks of up to 30k while carrying weighted backpacks, is nervous but ultimately excited by what promises to be a fantastic occasion. He says: “I’ll be 58 by the time the event comes …

27 February 2017 11:00
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