Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.




In our headquarters staff baked lots of treats, dressed up in red, white and blue, and took part in various activities to raise money for our blind veterans. We were glad to have a Momentous Photo Booth at our event. Our staff had lots of fun taking …

8 December 2017 15:00
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Graham Richards and Damian Hinds

Blind Veterans UK welcomes updated Certificate of Vision Impairment form and Explanatory Notes in England

The CVI form is issued to patients assessed by a consultant ophthalmologist as being vision-impaired. The form is then sent to social services who work with the person to assess what help and advice they need. The form also records data for research…

17 August 2017 10:00
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Alfred Barlow sat down wearing his remaining military medals

Blind WWII veteran appeals for return of medals

Alfred Barlow, 95 and from Stockport, is hoping that by releasing images of the lost medals, someone who had potentially found them would be able to return them to him. Alfred took part in a 6 June pilgrimage to Normandy with the Stockport Normandy …

22 June 2017 12:00
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