Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Full length photo of blind veteran Geoff Deaney with his son Andy Deaney in blazers and ties

Blind Army veteran looking forward to 2018

Geoff, 70, joined our charity this time last year.Geoff says: “Finding out I would become blind was a real kick to the stomach. But over the past year Blind Veterans UK have proven to me that there is still a lot to be excited about. It’s been a fant…

4 January 2018 01:00
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Gwen Obern

Gwen turns 100!

Gwen is a remarkable lady who has been receiving our help for over 74 years since joining the charity in 1943. Gwen’s life story is a special one.  She starts it by talking about Ernie. Gwen married Ernie in December 1939, a day she remembers as bei…

28 November 2017 10:00
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Garry Morrison indoor rock climbing, low on wall, looking back over his sholder

Blind veteran Garry is intent on climbing to incredible heights

In 2015 Garry lost his sight following a bout of chicken pox.  He explains, “After leaving the RAF I was working on offshore oil rigs, doing crazy shifts, and was absolutely exhausted and run down.  I was unwell but as I thought I had chicken pox as…

3 November 2017 13:00
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