Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Robert Eddison sat outside reading a notepad

London blind veteran releases best-selling book of 300 one-liners to enrich your day

Robert Eddison has written a book of 300 original one-line aphorisms, covering around 150 subjects, ranging from food to political correctness. Alongside a long career as a highly-respected journalist and playwright, Robert has recorded every origin…

25 October 2017 19:00
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Group photo of 9 blind veterans outside Llandudno centre during Photography Week there in 2017

Our veterans enjoy a photography week in Llandudno

33-year-old blind veteran and avid photographer Chris Nowell, is now a teacher at the week along with blind veteran Nick Barber. This time was Chris’ second week as a teacher. Shooting a range of landscape, architecture, wildlife and studio portrait…

29 September 2017 17:00
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Dunkirk blind veteran Richard Davies

Dunkirk survivor and blind veteran, Richard Davies, tells us his story

He went to camp for what he thought would only be a fortnight. However, on the last day their route march was cut short and they were taken back to the camp where they stood to attention as an Officer told them that war had been declared and they we…

2 August 2017 15:00
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