Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Arsenal v Chelsea - blind veterans play ball

This weekend sees the FA Cup Final taking place at Wembley between Arsenal and Chelsea. We really do not know where we should stand on the question of which team to support.  Our relationship with both teams goes back many years. Many of our First Wo…

25 May 2017 09:40
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Blind veterans playing pushball at Regent's Park in 1916

Pushball: an unusual game in Regent’s Park

Pushball originated in the United States in the late nineteenth century. Its creator, Moses Crane of Massachusetts, watched a lot of American football but felt that he and other spectators often struggled to see the ball. He thought a very much large…

26 April 2017 22:00
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Private Frederick Aubrey and other soldiers

The story of prisoner of war veteran Private Frederick Aubrey

As the war progressed, the Germans found it increasingly difficult to accommodate and feed the over 2.4 million men housed in numerous camps across Germany and occupied territories and as the war drew to its conclusion in 1918 an agreement was reach…

29 March 2017 17:00
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