Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Munition workers - Small Arms Cartridge Factory

Women blinded while “minding the fort” on the Home Front

During the First World War the Government requisitioned and constructed purpose-built factories manufacturing military resources. These factories played a significant role in the war effort, especially after the 1915 ‘Shell Scandal’ where a shortage …

18 May 2017 08:00
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Scout with blind veteran William Cook in 1920

St. George, the scouts and our charity

In our early years a number of them assisted us at our then headquarters at our hostel in Regent’s Park. In fact there were close connections between our charity and the scouting movement going back to our founder Sir Arthur Pearson and his links wit…

23 April 2017 13:00
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Ideal Home Exhibition 1920

Historical Photography Project finds charity stall at Ideal Home Show 1920

In 1920 Blind Veterans UK (then known as St Dunstan’s) had a stall at the Exhibition which was held, as it is today, at the Olympia centre in Kensington, London.
The st…

21 March 2017 16:00
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