Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Black and white photo of 5 unidentified POWs

Our WWI prisoners of war veterans

David Ironside was born in Glasgow in March 1880. He worked as an engineer before joining the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders in early 1907, serving as a Corporal. David is on the far left of the photograph above, taken at our then headquarters in…

13 July 2017 10:00
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Black and white photo of blind veteran Alec Biggs and 12 other team mates posing for group photo

From Regent’s Park to Shanghai – a blind veteran in China

Alec’s eyesight began to fail as a result of his service and he joined us in 1919. He spent time at our then base in Regent’s Park, where he learnt to read and write braille, to type, and trained as a masseur, or physiotherapist. Alec also enjoyed t…

15 June 2017 09:00
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Black and white photo of many women sitting at long tables working as munition workers at Small Arms Cartridge Factory during WW2

Women blinded while “minding the fort” on the Home Front

During the First World War the Government requisitioned and constructed purpose-built factories manufacturing military resources. These factories played a significant role in the war effort, especially after the 1915 ‘Shell Scandal’ where a shortage …

18 May 2017 08:00
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