Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Sergeant Hetherington

Our blind one-armed doorman – who was Sgt Hetherington?

This presents an issue for us with our Historical Photographs Project when trying to identify people – particularly those with more popular surnames such as Smith or Brown.

8 March 2017 10:00
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Navy wedding 1916

Childhood sweethearts celebrate their marriage this Throwback Thursday

To see more stories from our Historical Photography Project click here or check our Facebook page weekly for our #ThrowbackThursdays.

13 February 2017 10:30
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Queen Alexandra with our founder Sir Arthur Pearson

Our Historical Photography Project continues with a Royal Family theme!

We were fortunate to have such support, in particular from Queen Alexandra (the mother of the then monarch, George V) who became our Patron soon after we were founded.

18 January 2017 10:00
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