Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Australia Day

Happy Australia Day

Approximately 80 Australian soldiers blinded in the First World War were, at various times, to stay at our hostel in The Regent’s Park. The term ‘mateship’ is defined as and is often associated with the ‘diggers’ in WW1. It is a term that conjures i…

26 January 2018 10:00
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Our blind veterans at Sewing Week with their snowmen designs

A week of sewing for our blind veterans

Our blind veterans got the chance to learn the basics of machine sewing, discuss design ideas and create objects including stuffed snowmen, shopping bags and bottle covers. Along with this, our beneficiaries had a day trip to purchase all necessary …

12 January 2018 15:30
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History Week in Llandudno

The week started with a Llandudno Historical Society lecture on the area. Our blind veterans had the chance to visit Lord Mostyn’s house, called Mostyn Hall. He is the main land owner in Llandudno and according to Jim, one of the veterans attending: …

2 January 2018 12:00
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