Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Garry Morrison indoor rock climbing, low on wall, looking back over his sholder

Blind veteran Garry is intent on climbing to incredible heights

In 2015 Garry lost his sight following a bout of chicken pox.  He explains, “After leaving the RAF I was working on offshore oil rigs, doing crazy shifts, and was absolutely exhausted and run down.  I was unwell but as I thought I had chicken pox as…

3 November 2017 13:00
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Veterans Cafe

Veteran’s Café in Leyland

One success story is in Leyland, Lancashire where ex-Service men and women can meet at a Veteran’s Café.Initially attended by a few blind veterans, interest has steadily grown over the last few months and now around 20 members, partners and carers c…

18 October 2017 12:00
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Chloë Costello and Prudhoe Army blind veteran grandfather Ian Henderson

Granddaughter of Prudhoe Army veteran urges others to refer their loved ones to us this Grandparents’ Day

Chloë, 18, from Corbridge, said: “It was really sad for us when grandad lost his sight because the simple things he used to enjoy, like watching the football or reading the paper, suddenly became a real struggle. But since he found out about Blind V…

1 October 2017 08:00
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