Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion

The blast that followed was the then largest man made explosion and caused the deaths of almost 2,000 people and a further 9,000 non-fatal injuries. It destroyed almost the entire north end of the city of Halifax, including more than 1,600 homes. Th…

6 December 2017 10:00
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Gwen Obern

Gwen turns 100!

Gwen is a remarkable lady who has been receiving our help for over 74 years since joining the charity in 1943. Gwen’s life story is a special one.  She starts it by talking about Ernie. Gwen married Ernie in December 1939, a day she remembers as bei…

28 November 2017 10:00
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Photo of Mark Threadgold on top of Mount Kilimanjaro

Blind veteran Mark climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

Mark Threadgold, 49 and from Saltdean, says: “It was a brilliant experience and couldn’t have gone better. Mark completed the climb with a company called Charity Challenge, who arranged The Big Red Nose Climb for Comic Relief in 2009. He says: “The…

6 November 2017 15:00
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