Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Battle of Passchendaele Nov 1917, men carry wounded soldiers through boggy land

On the centenary of Passchendaele, we remember them.

Constant shelling churned the clay soil and smashed drainage systems. Within a few days, the heaviest rain for 30 years had turned the soil into a bog, producing mud that clogged up rifles and immobilised tanks. It eventually became so deep that men …

31 July 2017 07:00
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Photo of blind veteran Robert Ware wearing his medals

Look out for signs of sight loss in your loved ones this summer

We often see a spike in applications for our charity following holiday periods, which we attribute to referrals from relatives who have visited a grandparent or elderly rel…

22 July 2017 08:30
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Black and white photo of WW1 blind veteran tending to the vines at Hampton Court Palace

Blind veterans tend to Hampton Court Great Vine

Our involvement with Hampton Court Palace goes back to our early years. In September 1920 it was announced that the ‘King’s Grapes’ from the famous Black Hamburg Great Vine were not needed by the Royal Household and could be sold to the public for t…

6 July 2017 09:49
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