Our supporters and veterans do some amazing things to support our charity.



Group photo of 7 speakers from Life Beyond Sight Loss seminar

Experts speak at first ever “Life Beyond Sight Loss” seminar

The seminar was part of an exchange programme called Project Gemini, which saw members of the US organisation the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) visit our veterans.Now in its seventh year, Project Gemini enables our charity and the BVA to share …

30 May 2017 09:00
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Black and white photo of blind veteran racewalking with guide

We have walking fever with the discovery of racewalking

For our early blind veterans learning to walk independently was a crucial stage in their rehabilitation after losing their sight. In addition to the obvious value of not needing a sighted person to accompany them everywhere, confidence in walking on…

11 May 2017 11:00
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Photo of volunteer Adam Potts training in snowy mountains

Merchant seaman to take on 100km challenge

Adam Potts, 27, was convinced to take part in the ultra-challenge by his climbing and hillwalking partners.He explains: Outside of his long-distance endeavours, Adam is a merchant seaman. He explains: “I worked deep sea across the world for a few y…

5 May 2017 10:00
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