A special announcement about our 100k walk

7 January 2014 11:55

Our London fundraising team make a special announcement about our 100k 24 hour walk! Listen to find out how you can take part!

Our fundraising team have a special announcement about our 100k 24 hour walk! Victoria has all the details about how you can take part in the toughest but most rewarding challenge of 2014 and test your endurance to the max!

If you think you're tough enough to walk 100k in 24 hours from Putney on 21 June, why not enter today! Even better, tackle the challenge with a friend or two for a really memorable experience.

Walkers trek through the night! We have a number of blind veterans who have decided to take on the challenge, including blind amputee Anthony Cooper. Alongside these brave veterans there are relay teams from our Blind Veterans UK Brighton centre, Wimbledon Fire Station and participants who are tackling the challenge for the secondor third time!

Still smiling! Walkers tend to their sore feet at one of the 100k rest points. The route will take you along the Wandle Trail and the footpaths of Surrey and Sussex to a momentous finish 100 km away. The finishing point is the Blind Veterans UK centre in Ovingdean, Brighton. There will be some aching muscles and some blisters, but there will be pride aplenty at completing this incredible experience! To find out more go to or to request an information pack email