Afghanistan veteran steps up for the Brighton Marathon

11 February 2014 14:00

Serving soldier Neil Guerin has signed up for one of our charity places in the Brighton Marathon. He speaks about his motivation to run for Blind Veterans UK.

Neil Guerin is a military instructor from Birmingham who has decided to tackle the Brighton Marathon to raise support for Blind Veterans UK. The race, which takes place on 6 April, is Brighton's biggest running event and will see hundreds run for charities and good causes.

37 year old Neil has worked for 18 years as part of the Small Arms School Corps which is responsible for training military personnel, and during his time in the Army Neil has served in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan where he trained members of the Afghan police in preparation for the exit of international troops later this year.

Neil speaks about his motivation to run the Brighton marathon for Blind Veterans UK and his experiences as a serving Soldier:

"Afghanistan was a really challenging experience, but incredibly rewarding. We were building a police force that would be prepared for the security environment and be able to provide a stabilising force in the country.

"At the beginning, we literally had farmers as recruits and to train them up to respected officers of the law was hugely gratifying.

"I've run marathons before, but this will be the first time that I'll be doing it for a charity. I chose Blind Veterans UK because it's a cause that is close to my heart - as a serving member of the Armed Forces, I've seen what life-changing injuries can do.


"For me, going blind is one the scariest things that can happen to you - knowing that the last thing you see could well be the flash of an IED. I wanted to make sure that I supported Blind Veterans UK, to make sure the charity can support veterans with vision impairments - regardless of how they lost their sight."


There is still the opportunity for other keen runners to join in the Brighton marathon for Blind Veterans UK. The race takes participants through scenic Brighton and Hove on 6 April, however general entries are now closed to the public. The only way you can get a place is through a charity like Blind Veterans UK.


We have a limited number of places available which are allocated on a first come first served basis. To apply visit our website or call Aaron Tillyer on 020 7616 7927 by February 28th.