Age no issue for Old Colwyn volunteer

2 May 2017 11:00

A sixth-form student living in Old Colwyn is relishing her time spent volunteering for our charity.

Photo of volunteer, Seren Jackson in the Art and Craft department in Llandudno centre

Seren Jackson, 17 and currently studying for her Welsh Baccalaureate, has recently started volunteering at our training and rehabilitation centre in Llandudno.

She says:

"My mum knows someone who recently began volunteering and I really liked the sound of it. I did a bit of research and it turned out there were lots of opportunities for people to help out with art at Blind Veterans UK. Ideally I’m hoping to have a career in art therapy, so it just seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up!"

Indeed, Seren’s passion for art meant she was a natural fit at the centre’s extensive Art and Craft department. She says: “I make jewellery in my spare time, but with a slight twist! I tend to use mainly recycled and outdoors items, basically anything unsellable that I can get my hands on! I really enjoy it and I like to think it’s the kind of thing that comes in handy when I’m with the veterans. Equally, I’ve learnt loads of new things here that I might not have otherwise, like weaving! Hopefully this is the kind of thing that’ll help me in my future career.”

Seren, who’s also had experience volunteering in a charity shop, continues: “It really is a wonderful charity and the work they do in helping vision-impaired veterans is quite inspiring. For me, personally, it’s a great chance to try out new things, learn new skills and socialise with some truly interesting people. I’m always careful to make sure I never take away their independence. Most of the time I’m just there to help them come up with new ideas and just have a bit of a chat!”

Seren, who’s studying Media Studies, Art and Maths, is herself familiar with the world of vision-impairment. She says: “I’m always wearing either contacts or glasses and have been told by doctors that I’ll never be able to drive. But that’s the only way in which it’s impacted my life!”