An afternoon of team building and blind artistry for our volunteers

4 September 2017 10:00

Hattie and James, Arts & Crafts instructors at our Brighton centre, recently organised a morning of fun for some of our wonderful volunteers to thank them for their ongoing help.

They kicked off with an icebreaker asking everyone to come up with two truths and a lie, the aim being to guess the lie.  Eyebrows were raised, and much laughter ensued, as they learnt of some amazing achievements and situations experienced…as well as realising just how good some of our volunteers are fibbing of course!

Veterans and staff marbling in the Brighton centre Art and Craft Department

Next up was a very messy team building exercise.  In small groups, the volunteers were given a large piece of paper and, holding a corner each, a puddle of ink was poured in the middle.  The aim was to try and keep the ink on the paper.  This caused shrieks of laughter and a lot of good communication.

After a well-earned tea break they moved on to marbling. Here they were given the chance to step into the shoes of a blind artist.

Blind veterans and staff working on a marbling project at the Brighton centre

This exercise was used to reinforce the language and skills needed when working with our blind veterans so some of the volunteers were given simulation specs (as shown in the photo above) to give them an indication of what it is like to have a vision-impairment.

Then, working with our Art & Craft instructors, the volunteers squeezed out shaving foam, smoothed this over and then dropped ink colours onto the foam, and used a knitting needle to mix the colours into the foam.  Finally they laid paper face down onto the colourful chaos to take a print.  It got very messy!

Once dried, the prints were cut up and made into cards and the lovely results speak for themselves.

Marbling paintings made at our Brighton centre by blind veterans and volunteers