On 14 October we celebrated the opening of our annual exhibition of artwork by blind veterans, staff and volunteers on the theme of 'transport'.

Louise Kirk-Partridge, Rehab Lead in the Art & Craft Department at Blind Veterans UK says: “We’re absolutely delighted to be opening this year’s Art Exhibition at the Blind Veterans UK Brighton centre. We’ve been accepting entries for the past few months from our blind veterans, as well as the charity’s staff and volunteers and we can’t wait to share the results of their work."

The unique pieces of artwork are now ready to view at our Brighton rehabilitation and training centre or via the link at the bottom of this page and available to bid upon by online auction until noon on Friday 1 November, 2019. 

Since it first started its work in 1915 with soldiers returning from World War One, the role of art and craft has been integral to the rehabilitation of its veterans. From craft skills such as basket-making, woodturning and frame-making in the charity’s early days, to today’s activities of painting, photography, sculpture and mosaic, blind veterans are able to build their sense of independence and develop their creativity.

While once the focus of such training was primarily on the vocational aspects of these skills, blind veterans are now supported in the Blind Veterans UK specialist Art & Craft Workshop to explore the recreational benefits of the arts. Whether it’s helping to rediscover a skill someone thinks that they may have lost, or encouraging our veterans to try something they’ve never tried before, confidence gained in the workshop often helps to overcome many of the barriers and challenges of sight loss.

Peter Appleby, All Hands Below Deck
“Having the chance to pursue the creative arts is fantastic way for our veterans to regain confidence after sight loss. This exhibition is a real opportunity to showcase that there really is no barrier for its enjoyment, while also raising much-needed funds for the charity.”
Louise Kirk-Partridge, Rehab Lead in the Art & Craft Department

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