Blind veteran Reg and his great niece to take part in March for Veterans

Blind Veteran Reg and his great niece have taken on the 10-mile March for Veterans challenge which takes place on Saturday 30 March in Brighton and follows a route along the coast. 

Both from Halland, East Sussex, they are encouraging others to take part in the walk which has its start and finish line at the Blind Veterans UK rehabilitation centre. Reg, 92, will be supported by Jane who will be pushing his wheelchair for all of the 10 miles. 

"My great uncle loves the sea, so it’s going to be a great trip out for him. We have a great laugh – we’re a natural comedy act. He always winds me up.”

Reg started to receive support from the charity in 2009, when he lost his sight due to macular degeneration. An Army veteran, Reg served in the Service Corps as a driver and quartermaster sergeant. Following the Second World War, his service saw him posted to Palestine where he was awarded a medal recognising his personal bravery for an incident in which he saved a corporal from a burning vehicle. He now visits the Brighton centre as a daily every week with Jane.

"I must have Jane, I wouldn't go without her. We don’t go anywhere apart. She's a very good carer, she responds to all my needs. Nobody could care for me better than her."

With walks organised in London, Martock, The National Memorial Arboretum, Llandudno and Brighton on 30 March as part of March is for Veterans. You can find out more information online.

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