Blind veteran Bill is first to use our brand new pottery wheel.

14 October 2016

Bill was visiting our Llandudno centre for an IT training week where he was getting to grips with his new smartphone.

Although Bill was focusing on his new IT skills he couldn’t resist a go on the pottery wheel which had been installed a couple of days earlier.

Bill Laidlaw pottery wheel

Bill was the first veteran to use the wheel and was shown how to use the wheel by our Activity Team Instructor Gail. It took a couple of attempts but Bill was able to create a wonderful cereal bowl which is now being baked.

Bill says: “I have been to the art and craft department before and tried ceramics but it was rather fiddly. When Gail asked if I would like to try the pottery wheel I said yes! I would now like to take on pottery as a new hobby.”

Our Llandudno art and craft team now hope to introduce the pottery wheel to other veterans. They hope to create a system in which several veterans work together to create a final piece of pottery. It will begin with one veteran sculpting the piece on the pottery wheel, then after it has been baked the next veteran will glaze. The final step will involve another veteran painting and decorating the piece.

Gail adds: “It was great to introduce the pottery wheel to one of our veterans. I was really pleased that Bill managed to throw a pot. It made me so happy to see his smile when he was able to achieve this.

“I think the pottery wheel is a very welcome addition to the department, the pottery wheel is a tactile craft and I think it will be a very relaxing pastime for our veterans.”