Blind veteran George encourages others to volunteer

25 November 2016

Inspired by the help he has been given by our charity, George decided to begin volunteering.

George came along to our one-day volunteer training course in May 2015 and now supports our No One Alone team.

George Connelly at our Llandudno centre

Our No One Alone campaign reaches out to veterans in the UK who are eligible for free, lifelong support from us but are not currently receiving it.

George now attends several vision impairment support groups across the North West to promote the campaign. There he chats to group members about our charity and how it has made a difference to his life.

George says, “Volunteering and supporting the No One Alone campaign is an opportunity to repay, in some way, what the charity has given me. The help and encouragement of the charity is terrific. Being a volunteer gives me a feeling of responsibility and another interest.

“I live on my own and it can be a lonely life, so opportunities like this are welcome. Volunteering encourages me to get out of the house. I’m able to travel across the North West via public transport, which has helped me build my confidence.”

Asked what he enjoys most about being a No One Alone volunteer,
George answers, “Knowing I’ve helped someone access some of the benefits I’ve received. When I give my talks, I always say that people will be amazed at the opportunities available to them. Blind Veterans UK can really add something extra to their lives.”