Blind veteran Jim and his wife Margaret hosted a coffee morning this month, which raised over £500 for our charity!

30 July 2016 11:45

After discovering Blind Veterans UK last year Jim went on to attend one of our introduction week at our Brighton centre in January. There Jim took part in different sports such as archery and pistol shooting. He also joined IT training where he was taught how to use a tablet which Jim was then able to take home.

Jim says: “I really enjoy using the tablet. I can now go on to the internet and use Amazon to buy audiobooks. I also enjoy visiting YouTube where I can listen to my favourite music and old videos. I am even attending a specialised IT training week at the Brighton centre where I hope to learn how to send and receive emails.”

It wasn’t only new skills that Jim took away from his time at our Brighton centre. Jim participated in our informal discussions about adapting and achieving life beyond sight loss.

“I came home with a very positive outlook. I did so much that I wouldn’t have usually done. Now I say ‘yes I can do that’ instead of no!”

Jim was so impressed by our charity he decided to host a coffee morning to raise funds. Jim and his wife Margaret organised the event on the 2 July and invited all of their friends along, even posting invitations to neighbours.

They set up tables and chairs in their garden and prepared home-made cakes and coffee for all guests. Luckily, their friends had also offered to bake cakes as over fifty people joined the coffee morning.

Jim adds “Everyone enjoyed the morning so much so that they hoped that it would become a regular event. Our guests donated very generously and to everyone’s delight £518 had been raised for Blind Veterans UK.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jim, Margaret and all who donated. If you would like to organise your own event there are useful tips on our website: