Blind veteran Lyn discovers an easy way to cook his favourite meals!

2 December 2016 11:44

It may be a miserable, Monday morning but we have a story that will surely make you smile.

In September, 89 year old blind veteran Lyn visited our Brighton centre. He mentioned to our ROVI [Rehabilitation Officer for the vision-impaired] Jenny he was struggling to cook using his oven.

After a little thought Jenny decided to introduce Lyn to ‘George’, the George Foreman grill.

Lyn Powell

Jenny showed Lyn how to use the grill safely with his vision-impairment with Lyn finding it much easier than using the regular oven. After a couple of training sessions Lyn was thrilled to take George the grill home.

Since then Lyn has been cooking more than ever. He now cooks sausages, fish, steak and lamb chops using the grill and has even made a banana fritter using the grill.

Lyn says: “I am so happy. I am eating much better than I was before. I have even put 3lbs on because I am now eating properly again!”