Blind veteran, Mark, creates mosaic image of his guide dog

16 July 2017 09:00

A creative blind veteran is putting the pieces back together and making a wonderful mosaic image of his guide dog in the process.

Mark Lucitt holding his completed mosaic of his dog Yoda

 Mark, from Worcester joined the Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment in August 1977 and served in the UK, Germany and Belize until being discharge as a Private in August 1980.

Following service he trained as a bricklayer and became a self-employed builder. Mark joined our charity in 2014 after suffering sight loss as a result of diabetes.

Before losing his sight Mr Lucitt enjoyed walking and dancing. He now enjoys listening to the radio and music on his CD player. He always enjoyed creative art work at school and since joining our charity has been encouraged to restart this interest. With skills learnt at our Llandudno centre, he's worked from home to produce a wonderful mosaic of his guide dog, Yoda.

Blind veteran Mark Lucitt making his Blind Veteran logo mosaic

Mark is now working on his next piece, an ambitious mosaic of our charity’s logo.

There is no stopping his creative juices now – his plan is to take up clay work and he is particularly interested in sculpting animals rather than the usual pots.

Mark says: “Blind Veterans UK is a brilliant charity.  The friendliness and help I have received from everyone working there has enabled me to get back on my feet, regain my confidence and face my future with enthusiasm.” 

Mark Lucitt sitting down wearing his Blind Veterans UK's T shirt at our Llandudno centre

He explains, “When I lost my sight, and suffered so many physical setbacks, I was in a very dark place, not wanting to go out.  At first I did not want to join the charity but was pushed to do so by a friend and I am just so glad! Even though I wasn't ready on my first visit, they brought me back for a second week soon after and from then on I've been so happy to be a part of it all”.

He went on to say: “Having benefitted from the charity I now hope to encourage others to do likewise. I'm also keen to get together with other blind veterans living in my area, Worcester, with a view to arranging regular social activities”.