Blind veteran Matthew Brown, 85, has recently enjoyed a painting course at our Llandudno centre.

14 October 2016

Matthew had visited the centre twice before, but he particularly enjoyed painting.

Matthew Brown - painting course at our Llandudno centre
Matthew Brown with his two landscape paintings.

“I had a programme from the moment I arrived. They taught me techniques I’d never known before, and I ended up with two very good landscapes as a big as a tabletop!

“At the end of the week, they wrapped them up for me and I took them home and they’re on my wall now. My experience was really first class!

“They also sent me two parcels, and there’s a third on the way.” Matthew has been given five painting boards, ten large jars of acrylic paint and assorted brushes, as well as books that teach him how to use new techniques.

“Since I’ve come back, I’ve put some more time to one side and I’ve been practicing the techniques I’ve learned. I really hope I go back sometime.

Matthew was entitled to support by us as he served in the Royal Air Force from 1950 to 1952 after being called up for National Service. Stationed at RAF Jurby, he was responsible for paying the airmen in cash every Thursday. “I had a happy two years in the RAF. There were 1,000 people at the station, and whenever I walked around I always got a smile because I was the paymaster. I was the most popular man there!”

Matthew first noticed his sight was deteriorating when he was playing golf in his early 70’s. “I used to send the ball 150 yards straight down the fairway, but this time I couldn’t see it. I thought it might have gone off to the right, but when I got within 50 yards of it, I could see it properly. That was the first sign something was wrong.

“Eventually I went and saw the doctor, and I had to stop to driving, so I don’t play golf or drive anymore, and those are two things I miss most.

“Being with Blind Veterans UK has been a great help to me. I haven’t only been on art courses, I’ve been on computer courses with them too. They taught me how to touch-type and even supplied with a computer and a program that magnifies the screen.”