Blind veterans enjoy annual Gardening Week held at Sheffield centre

31 July 2013 15:00

Members from Blind Veterans UK have taken part in our annual gardening to enhance their skills at the Blind Veterans UK Sheffield centre.

Blind veterans from the charity Blind Veterans UK have been taken part in an annual Gardening Week run by the charity's Sheffield Centre in Fulwood Road.

Budding gardeners from the Sheffield centre took part in the floral-themed field trip, which saw blind ex-Servicemen and women visit gardens at Chatsworth House and Matlock Bath.

Inspired by the gardens they had seen on their trips, the horticultural hobbyists got the chance to put their greenfingers to the test in a tabletop gardening session and a gardening quiz.

Bill Foster, who attended the week, recalled the gardening session: "I've brought the geraniums I planted back home and am amazed they're doing so well - I'm not a regular gardener and I was stunned that I managed to plant them without killing them!"

Bill, who has attended Blind Veterans UK courses on life skills such as cookery and computer use for blind people, cites friendship as the most important aspect of being a member of the charity: "We all have things in common - serious sight problems and service records - and it's the opportunity to meet friendly people at the Blind Veterans UK centres that really makes it special."

Sheffield Centre Administrator Catherine Lawry said that the event had been "a blooming good week".