Blind veterans photographed by Bryan Adams for new book ‘Wounded: The Legacy of War’

5 November 2013 10:00

Veterans from Blind Veterans UK are amongst 40 ex-Service men and women who have been photographed by Bryan Adams for his latest book 'Wounded: The Legacy of War'.

Wounded: The Legacy of War is a collection of photographs of servicemen and women who have cheated death whilst serving their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. The photographs have been taken by Bryan Adams and edited by Caroline Froggatt.

Some of these Service men and women include blind veterans Simon Brown, Ken Facal, Billy Drinkwater, Rob Long, Andy Allen, Craig Lundberg and Chris Nowell; who all receive free support from national charity Blind Veterans UK. Their remarkable stories have been captured in intimate portraits which pay testament to the sacrifice of British soldiers, unflinchingly documenting the horrific disfigurements and disabilities that they have suffered in the line of fire over the past decade.

Photographer Bryan Adams has captured over 100 raw and unsettling images of 40 wounded soldiers from various military organisations which challenge and dare the viewer. Bryan began his photographic career in the late nineties and in 2012 published his first photographic book Exposed which features portraits of friends and colleagues in the entertainment, fashion and art industries.

Through the camera lens the reader is invited to observe the sheer grit and bravery of these individuals who, despite personal sacrifice, live each day with continued vim, vigour and dignity. Alongside every image is an intimate interview providing a narrative to each soldier's personal journey to recovery.

As General the Lord Dannatt (Chief of the General Staff 2006-2009) explains in the foreword to Wounded; "these photographs are testament to the triumph of the spirit over the body, hope over doubt and sheer determination over self-pity."

These photographs are a tribute to and a celebration of the servicemen and women who have stood the test of war and lived to tell the tale - ordinary people with extraordinary fortitude.  Difficult to ignore and impossible to forget.

If you know a veteran who Served in the Armed Forces, including for National Service, who suffers with sight loss, request free support by calling 0800 389 7979.