Blind Veterans UK Brighton Centre opens its chapel to the public for a Toy and Games Exhibition as part of Artwave 2014

1 July 2014 16:21

Our Brighton Centre is opening its chapel to the public this summer with an interactive Toys and Games exhibition and sound installation for three weekends as part of the 2014 Artwave Festival.

The Toys and Games exhibition in the chapel is open 12 noon to 5pm on Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 August, Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 August and Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 September. Adults and children will be able to use the toys and games, which have been made by blind veterans attending our centre's Arts & Crafts department workshop.

All the toys and games in the exhibition are touchable and many can be played. All of the exhibits are also for sale such as skittles, 'shove a ha'penny', 'toad in the hole', wooden racing cars and boats, building blocks, dominoes, snap, jigsaws, and noughts and crosses. A range of materials was used to produce the toys and games including wood, paper mache, mosaic and clay. The blind veterans often worked alongside others on small pieces of each project to create the toys and games on show.

An interactive sound piece made in conjunction with sound Artist Dan Powell forms part of the exhibition. As part of the 75th anniversary of the centre last year, Dan visited and recorded 75 different sounds from around the building and in particular from the Arts & Crafts department workshop. The sounds have been put onto a computer as individual keys so that blind veterans and exhibition visitors can use them to create their own pieces by pressing the keys.

Blind veterans Reg Goodwin and Bernard Parker worked on the exhibition's hearts and flowers game. Reg says: "The hearts and flowers game was a wonderful way of adapting the 'noughts and crosses' game into something appealing for young people but also with clearly defined, beautiful shapes which are also very tactile for those who are visually impaired." Bernard says: "It was interesting for me with a background in carpentry to be able to work on a woodwork project. I enjoyed making the wooden shapes and am very pleased with how it turned out."

Louise Partridge, Blind Veterans UK Art & Craft Workshop Supervisor says: "When someone experiences a loss or deterioration of sight, understandably people can assume that art, craft or even DIY skills are no longer accessible. However, we work with blind veterans to create a wide range of items, and learning or reintroducing creative skills. This exhibition aims to give the public the opportunity to meet some of our members and learn more about Blind Veterans UK and the work we do."

We aim to reach out to 68,000 plus blind ex-Service men and women who would benefit from our services but either do not know about the work we do or do not know that they are eligible for its lifelong support. If you know anyone who served in National Service or the Armed Forces and has severe sight problems, please do not hesitate to contact Blind Veterans UK on 0800 389 7979 our visit our No One Alone website for more information.

Exhibition Information:

Where: The Chapel, Blind Veterans UK, Greenways, Ovingdean, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 7BS
Parking: Easy to park - parking on site  
Opening dates and times: Private View Friday 22 August, 5-7pm (open to the public), Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 August, Saturday 30 & Sun 31 August, Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 August, 12 noon to 5pm
For further information, please visit, call 01273 391466 (Art & Craft Workshop) or email