Blind Veterans UK honour World Sight Day

11 October 2012 12:08

Today, at the Blind Veterans UK Llandudno centre, school children met with some of Blind Veterans UK’s members and asked them about how being blind and vision impaired has impacted on their lives.

They also gained firsthand experience of completing an obstacle course blindfolded, with a friend acting as a sighted guide to help them through it. World Sight Day takes place on the second Thursday of October annually and aims to raise awareness of blindness, vision impairment and the rehabilitation of the vision impaired across the world. At Blind Veterans UK we believe that no one who's served our country should battle blindness alone and that's why 20 children aged between 10 and 11 from St Elfod Primary School in Abergele are taking part to support blinded ex-Service men and women. We hope they will gain understanding of the needs and challenges faced by our members.

If you're going to be nearby Llandudno today, look out for the balloons that the children will be holding. Each balloon shares a story that the children and blind veterans have written about blindness and what they have learnt from it.

White cane

Mark Lovatt, our Llandudno centre manager said; "World Sight Day is an excellent way of raising awareness about the challenges faced by people who are blind and visually impaired, and the work which goes into providing rehabilitation for them. We try where possible to bring our oldest and youngest generations together and the children taking part on Thursday will gain firsthand experience of what it is like to need a guide when walking, and this experience will really open their eyes to some of the day to day challenges faced by people who are blind and visually impaired". 

Please come along to support our members and the children of St Elfod Primary School today in Llandudno. This is a superb community event which will help raise awareness of the challenges blind and vision impaired people face.