Blind Veterans UK members take part in Social Media course

7 December 2012 11:58

Some of our members at our Sheffield centre have been given their first chance to experience all that the internet and social media can offer.

Thanks to a social networking course run by Gaye Atkings of Blind Veterans UK and attended by Synapptic Ltd, a provider of IT equipment for the visually impaired, some of our members from our Sheffield centre are experiencing social media and the internet for the first time since losing their sight.

One of the members who took part was 80 year old Peter Warren from Bristol. Peter joined the Royal Navy medical branch in 1950, eventually becoming a Leading Hand. Years later he suffered from Age Related Macular Degeneration, and as a veteran was eligible to join Blind Veterans UK.

Photo of social media course taking place around table with various electronic devices being used

Peter said: "I found Synapptic's social networking course at Blind Veterans UK's Sheffield centre just excellent. I have just 5% sight, and this course will allow me to do things I did not think were possible."

"I will now be able to use Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Audio Boo, which will make a big difference to my life. I have friends who live aboard and it will be fantastic to be able to contact them through Facebook from now on. It makes me feel whole".

Another blind veteran who took part was Peter Bartholomew. Born and raised in Sheffield, Peter joined the Yorkshire & Lancashire Regiment (TA) in March 1963 but was discharged two years later due to sight problems.

Peter said: "The course was extremely helpful. I will get so much out of being able to use websites such as Youtube which I was not able to use before.

"Blind Veterans UK has been so helpful, in all sorts of ways. I have been on a photography course and an intensive IT course through it, and plan to spend Christmas at its Brighton centre. It is just wonderful".

Group photo of 5 blind veterans standing with member of staff taking part in social media course

We have recently launched our No One Alone campaign which aims to reach out to the estimated 68,000 plus ex-Service personnel who could be benefiting from our services but they either do not know about the charity or they do not know that they are eligible for our services. To find out more about the No One Alone campaign go to or freephone 0800 389 7979.