Blind Veterans UK volunteering has gone international!

7 June 2018 11:00

Despite living a massive 11,704 miles away in Wellington, New Zealand, Army-veteran Scott has been using his spare time to help UK-based blind veteran, Steve, to record an audio version of his book.

Scott, recording an audio version of Steve's book, 'Recovery from Hell'

The book, ‘Recovery from Hell’, documents Steve's experience serving with the Marines in Iraq and his journey to recovery with the help of Blind Veterans UK.

Having served in the Coldstream Guards in the 1980s and before transferring to the Royal Corps of Transport in the early 90s as a Movement Controller, Scott left the Army in the late 90s and began building a career in I.T. In 2007, Scott and his wife Tina made the big decision to move to New Zealand. Upon arrival, they used the internet to connect with other expatriates, which is when they met Carol, who lived across the valley and helped them a lot as they settled into their new life.

Carol, who now works as a Community IT Instructor at Blind Veterans UK reached out to Scott after blind veteran, Steve, was looking for an authentic male Sunderland (Mackem) accent to record his audiobook. Scott, a former Sunderland resident, was only too pleased to help. He said:

"I'm an avid audiobook listener myself, so thought I'd give it a go. I researched the process, bought myself a microphone and read the book on my journey into work."

Scott’s workplace very kindly offered him the use of a quiet office and he set himself the goal of recording one chapter each week. As his first foray into audio recording, it wasn’t all plain sailing for Scott.

He says:

"Reading out loud I often stumbled or garbled a word, so whenever that occurred I would sound a long beep. It did cause some raised eyebrows from passers-by when they heard me beeping myself!"

Scott has now almost finished the project and has been reflecting back on the experience, saying:

"It means a lot to me to do this. It's been a fun project. Being involved with a Services charity is personal to me - I just hope that the end result works and Steve is pleased with it."

We’re so thankful to Scott for the time he has put into this project and are all, especially Steve, looking forward to hearing the final recording.